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Salmon Fishing Scotland Stanley beats, Tay, Perthshire Report and Prospects for W/C 20th July 2020.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Stanley beats, Tay, Perthshire Report and Prospects for W/C 20th July 2020. 

Last week was a difficult period with little success due to a largely unsettled river conditions due to daily Hydro rises. The run seemed to be on hold but a good few fish were pulling the fly but not hanging on. Was this the quiet before the storm! It was certainly frustrating with only a fish caught on Luncarty and a grilse falling on Benchil on Saturday to James MacKay on Saturday. There was also a single fish recorded on Benchil on Friday for Upper Scone.

Monday in the current week has seen a big change with more fish running and a settled river at last. We had our first Gleneagles Clients at last. They had travelled from Ukraine and after a frustrating morning loosing a couple Michael Lukyanova landed his first salmon on a Toby salmo in Horsey.
Not long after Michael's success his mother Olena caught a superb 11 pounds summer salmon casting from the boat on the same lure. It was certainly a memorable day for them both.
It looks like there is an improvement in the run as the Upper Scone rods had a great day with 5 fish up to 14 pounds from Benchil.
Conditions are great for the beats with the water levels now well under 2 feet and hopefully a good run in progress.

Tackle advice on Stanley beats. 

As to methods, in settled conditions fishing by any method the elusive Tay Salmon.

Fly Rods.
The Tay is a large river especially when running at a normal level and even in lower levels you are fishing another river within the mighty one so therefore a 15 foot fly rod for a 10 weight line is certainly minimum requirement for much of the season. Do not come under gunned.  In some parts of the river where it is especially wide even longer rods are used. It should be noted however that it is better to cast a shorter controlled line than try to cast out with your capabilities and have the lines end up in a mess and decrease your chances. 

Fly Lines.
In summer when the water is warmer you will be using smaller flies and conventional floating lines with tips to give you the best possible chance. There is a tremendous choice on the market nowadays which can be quite confusing to many anglers. Rio Game Changers or Scandi lines plus a tip of choice attached are currently a great bet as these lines enable you to cast a longer line than normal with ease. For more experienced anglers, there are a vast array of shooting heads of different sinking abilities available as well. I use a Rio long Spey at this time of year plus a tip as I hate pulling all that shooting line back in each cast. A Mid Spey may be an option as well. 

Spinning Rods.

You should have a minimum of a 10 foot rod for casting baits of 20gm to 60gms. 
A main line of 20 pounds in nylon or 30 pounds in braid. You should use a lesser poundage far a cast such as 15 pounds so if you get caught up on the bottom you do not lose a large part of your main line. 
Tobies from 18gm upwards. Toby Salmos are very popular in 30gms. Conventional weighted Devon’s are good especially in the Spring. Rapalas and Vision 110’s are very effective. 

The Stanley beats are steeped in history and this year we have reduced the available rods to 4 giving you far more opportunity and value for money. We are fly fishing friendly as well. Look forward to seeing you on the beats. Feel free to contact us direct on or 07979528134/01738827416. 
Salmon Fishing Scotland - By Robert White

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