Monday, November 28, 2016

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring at Stanley, Perthshire 2017.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring at Stanley, Perthshire 2017.

At Stanley, Perthshire on the Tay we are now looking forward to the spring of 2017.
The last 4 seasons have shown an upturn in spring fishing with consistently better catch returns especially on the Stanley beats of Catholes, Pitlochrie and Benchil where early spring is their best time in colder conditions. Traditionally they have been the best early beats on the river in historical records dating way back and we now appear to be going back to a spring dominance on the river which has been shown on the catch returns this past season. There were more spring salmon caught on the river as a whole than autumn this past season!
A superb spring salmon from Pitlochrie pool at Stanley.
A fresh springer caught on the Slap on the Catholes. This fish was caught casting a fly from the bank.
The latest availability is now on Fishpal under the following links. Catholes, Pitlochrie and Benchil.

Salmon Fishing Scotland - By Robert White

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