Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Salmon Fishing Scotland Traditional Wooden Boat Building.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Traditional Wooden Boat Building.

This is a traditional quality wooden boat building business run by John Ferguson at the Linton, Stanley PH1 4QQ. Tel 07759547324
John offers traditional wooden clinker boats, a repair service and advice.
The Clinker boats have Larch planking, Oak ribs, keel and bows with copper fastenings.
He does Cobbles for Salmon fishing in 16 feet for large rivers and smaller 14 foot boats for smaller rivers such as the Dee, Tweed, Ness and Spey.
The boats are very stable and comfortable to fish from in varying conditions thrown at them throughout the year.
John also does traditional Loch boats in a smaller way with deep keels to ensure a slow drift.
If this of interest please contact
John Ferguson Boat Building
The Linton
Perth PH1 4QQ
Tel 07759547324

Salmon Fishing Scotland - By Robert White

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