Sunday, July 26, 2015

Salmon Fishing Scotland Licence to Kill Salmon.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Licence to Kill Salmon.

Come on every one interested register and get involved by putting your views forward.

This was released last week through a number of national newspapers, Scottish Ministers advertised their intention to create a licensing system and carcass tagging regime as well as a prohibition on the killing of salmon out-with estuary limits through regulations. This follows the public consultation earlier this year on the proposed conservation measures to introduce a licensing system for the killing of any wild salmon in Scotland together with associated carcass tagging and baits and lures regulations.
You will recall that the proposal for a “kill licence” was one of the recommendations of the Wild Fisheries Review report published in October 2014.

In parallel with the public notices we have also launched a week long interactive discussion on the likely detail of the scheme and some of the common messages and themes emerging from the consultation process. This is an open forum where everyone with an interest should feel comfortable to share and discuss their views. We will exercise our judgement to moderate as appropriate any comments which are not presented in this spirit.
Over the course of the next week, we will look to use this platform to ask some specific questions which are contained within the various idea boxes although we anticipate the discussion will develop around related issues. Whilst we do not commit to answer all of the points raised, they will be taken into consideration as we finalise the way forward.
I would remind you that the text contained in each idea box represents current thinking on the way in which the kill licence and associated regulations would work should they be implemented.

I would encourage you to engage with this process.
Jeff Gibbons
Salmon and Recreational Fisheries
23 July 2015

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