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Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay, Perthshire, Scotland Salmon fishing Review July 2012.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay, Perthshire, Scotland Salmon fishing Review July 2012.

After a good June, July saw further improvement with a registered catch of 810, which was well above the 5 year average. The weather started to deteriorate which saw 3 spates in the month but reasonable periods between them allowing good fishing. Grilse and summer salmon were running the river in increasing numbers giving good sport throughout the month and everyone was optimistic of a good prolonged period of sustained improving catches.
On the Lower river week one saw all the lower beats having success with Almondmouth catching consistently and further upstream Lower Redgorton had success with Howard Jones enjoying good sport on the fly. Fishponds and Waulkmill also caught fly fishing fresh salmon up to 15 pounds with a few being lost as well as the salmon run quickly through the lower reaches. Perth and District members had success at Upper Scone with Robert Russell landing a fish of a lifetime on Benchil weighing an estimated 28 pounds from the Plain Water on a flying C. On Pitlochrie and Benchil fly fishing accounted for 3 salmon during the week. Further above Stanley, Stobhall had a reasonable week but the higher water did not help Cargill and Ballathie. Islamouth produced a few fish but could also do with the river levels dropping and settling. On Islamouth at the end of the week a Norwegian enjoyed good sport with
Bjorn Wicklund landing a superb 25 pounds beauty caught on the fly in the Longhead pool and colleague Anders Hoen, catching his first Tay salmon weighing 16 pounds fly fishing from the boat in the Newshot pool. Week two was a more encouraging catch for the week and it was spread throughout the whole lower river from Almondmouth to Islamouth. All the lower beats had success as conditions settled. Almondmouth caught consistently with good days at the start and end of the week. Jayne and Simon Rutherford enjoyed their week at Waulkmill. Francis Jennings had success on Pitlochrie and Benchil landing a lovely fresh grilse fly fishing from the boat in the Long Shot on Benchil. Stobhall and Taymount caught on most days with salmon up to 23 pounds landed. Ballathie and Cargill caught well at the start of the week but increased river levels did not help them at the end of the week. Islamouth had a much better week landing consistently and enjoying a good day on Saturday catching 7. Week three saw 112 landed. Almondmouth continued their recent success with a steady week. The beats further up are now producing on a regular basis.

July salmon fly fishing at Stanley.
Pitlochrie and Benchil had a good week with Tom Jennings enjoying success on Benchil. Stobhall and Taymount had caught in the early part of the week and Ballathie and Cargill consistently landed salmon throughout the week with Cargill catching 7 on Tuesday plus a 22 salmon on Thursday mostly to the Lidster Party. Islamouth was returning to its early season successes landing 33 for the first 3 days of the week. Week four saw 134 slamon landed. Almondmouth continued their recent success with a steady week and a best day of 12; they also had the largest fish of the week weighing 23 pounds. Waulkmill, Lower Redgorton, Fishponds and Upper Redgorton all produced fish. Upper Scone and Pitlochrie and Benchil had reasonable weeks catching on most days. On Upper Scone George Maison enjoyed good success at the end of the week on the fly landing 2 from the Long Shot on Benchil then catching a cracking 17 pounds salmon from Horsey on the Pitlochrie beat. On the opposite days Tom Jennings party also enjoyed success. Sam Halliday landed his first ever salmon on Monday on a spinner then on Wednesday caught his first ever salmon fly fishing from the boat in Horsey on the Pitlochrie beat.

Tom Jennings also landed salmon on the fly and spinner. Taymount and Stobhall caught consistently throughout the week landing salmon on most days. Kath Giles enjoyed a good day on landing salmon on the spinner and fly on Taymount. Sport was improving at Ballathie and Cargill with dropping water levels. Rob Campbell from South Africa had an eventful week on Cargill landing salmon up to 16 pounds and loosing several others. Islamouth had another good week landing several salmon fly fishing.

On the Middle river in week one the beats produced on a regular basis. At Kercock there was 5 caught during the week. Tony Griffiths accounted for two salmon fly fishing with the biggest a lovely sea liced 12 pounds salmon. Both fish fell to a Tay Raider fly. At Newtyle Calum McRoberts was successful catching an 11 pounds beauty on a Rapala. Further upstream Dunkeld House continued their good spell landing 6 for the week. Dalmarnock also did well catching 3 on two days running. Week two was encouraging with 43 registered, Kercock had four fish for the week with Jeff Biggams landing two at 8 pounds and Gary Harkin, who ghillies on the beat had a good evening landing salmon weighing 10 and 22 pounds both on the fly. The Murthly beats have been fishing well with Murthly 2 landing 18 for the week from the Upper beat and Stenton. Dunkeld House continues to enjoy good sport on most days. Further upstream at Dalmarnock Gordon Pollock caught the largest salmon of the week weighing 26 pounds harling with a Tay lure. Euan Johnston landed his first ever salmon weighing 9 pounds with the aid of his Grandfather John. Week three registered 44. Kercock had a good week landing 6 salmon on one day. Steve Banks had an 8 pounds salmon, Jeff Biggams caught three fish with the biggest weighing 11 pounds and Fergus Critchley had his first ever fly fishing which, was a 4 pounds grilse. The Murthly beats are having reasonable sport as well. Newtyle had an encouraging week with Mark Parris and Graham Fyfe landing salmon fly fishing in the boil. Nick Baird also had success with the fly in the Cotter catching a 14 pounds salmon. Earlier in the week
Calum McRoberts landed 3 grilse fly fishing in the Trap and St Marys stream. Dunkeld House continued their good spell landing 9 throughout the week. Dalmarnock also had a reasonable week. Week four registered 47. Kercock had 7 for the week with Richard Goddard catching his first on fly at 7 pounds, Robert Sneddon had a bigger fish at 15 pounds and Graham Fyffe with a 17 pounds beauty. Murthly 2 enjoyed a good week landing 25 salmon for the week from the Upper beat and Stenton. At Newtyle Ian Hendry and Mark McGillivray caught their first salmon from the beat. At Dalmarnock Billy Marsland landed 2 salmon up to 16 pounds from the boat with ghillie Gordon Pollock.

The Upper river were certainly benefiting from all the rain and good water levels with the Edradynate and Farleyer beats continuing to enjoy good sport. The Tummel has seen sport increase with the water coming up, the Portnacraig beat below the dam caught several salmon during the week. Gordon Nichol caught salmon 4 days in a row, which is good going and Steven Watt caught 3 to his own rod all fly fishing. The counter was now way over 3000 at the Pitlochry Dam. Week two produced 30 which was benefiting from all the rain and good water levels. The Kinnaird beats, Dalguise, Farleyer, and Edradynate all enjoyed success. On the Tummel the Pitlochry Angling club stretch has had a revival with the increase of river levels and salmon running hard up the system to the headwaters with no temperature barriers at this time of year. Several salmon were caught below the dam during the week with Gordon Nichol, Steve Watt, Wan Hussein, Duncan Webster and Saul MacKay landing fish up to 12 pounds mostly on fly. Week three produced 15. Dalguise, Kinnaird and Farleyer all caught this past week. On the Tummel grilse are being caught on a regular basis.
The Pitlochry Angling club produced a few salmon this past week with Innes Smith, John Graham, Steve Dora, Dave McPherson and the Joseph’s all catching mostly on fly salmon up to 10 pounds. Week four produced 28. Dalguise enjoyed a good start to the week landing 5 on Monday. The Kinnaird beats continue to enjoy good sport landing salmon up to 13 pounds this past week mostly on fly. Further salmon were landed from Edradynate, Weem and the Farleyer beats. The fish ladder on the Tummel at Pitlochry was now over 3500 and salmon continue to be caught on the club water at Portnacraig.

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