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Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay Salmon Fishing Review March 2012.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay Salmon Fishing Review March 2012.

March saw summer arrive! Yes temperatures rose as the month went on and day time temperatures of over 20 C were experienced in the last week and the river temperature reached 51 F or 10.5 C which was unheard of. This dramatically affected sport below Stanley on the lower river but from there upwards catches were steady. The total for the month was 280 which was 20 up on 2011.

On the Lower River 30 salmon were registered on the first week. Islamouth consistently caught during the week as spring salmon hesitated at the mouth of the Isla. They had a notable day landing 5 fresh salmon. Iain Wilkie and Davis Orr were amongst the successful anglers. Stobhall and Taymount had success as well landing fish up to 17 pounds. On Stobhall the Blundell and Watters parties enjoyed their spring fishing trip to the area and on Taymount the Ladies were lucky with Angela Summerville and Sandra Robbins catching spring beauties. Ballathie and Cargill are starting to produce on a regular basis. Scott Crawford caught a 16 pounds springer fly fishing the Manse Bay on Cargill and the Mitchell party had a cracking 20 pounds salmon off Ballathie. The second week saw Malcolm Green landing the largest spring salmon of the week from Taymount weighing 24 pounds. Stobhall were consistent throughout the week landing 6 salmon up to 17 pounds with the fly proving popular. Islamouth had another good week landing salmon every day. The third week was even better with 51. Danny Fulton caught a superb salmon on Taymount estimated at 28 pounds fly fishing from the bank at the Sharks Fin. The fish measured 42 inches and another big beauty came from Cargill weighing 24.5 pounds landed by Malcolm Craven. On Upper Redgorton Greggor Nimmo caught an 18 pounds springer on a Rapala from the boat under the guidance of ghillie Mike Hay. Two 12 pounds spring salmon were caught fly fishing on Benchil by Jim Ferrie and Rob Fairclough.
Barry Ward with a sea liced 17 pounds beauty from Stobhall.
Stobhall and Taymount had good weeks again landing several salmon. Successful anglers on Stobhall included Pete Murray and Setterfield and on Taymount John Hutcheon, David Budd, and Ian Kettles all had springers to remember. Cargill and Ballathie worked away as well with Tim Greenfields party landing 4 fish. Islamouth continued a good month landing several with Tom Borthwick amongst the successful anglers landing a 13 pounds beauty on a harled Rapala. The last week saw Finnish party successfully fly fishing on the Lower Scone beats at Waulkmill and Goldcastle under the watchful eye of Ian Kirk.

John Jennings was also successful on the river below Stanley landing an 8 pounds spring salmon on the Benchil beat fly fishing. Stobhall, Taymount, Cargill and Ballathie all caught but not in any quantity disappointingly this past week. Islamouth again proved the hot spot as salmon hesitated at the mouth of the Isla.

The Middle River landed 11 on the first week and produced fish with the milder conditions as salmon bolted through the lower areas and had a rest there. Glendelvine continued their good start with John Hastie landing his first ever salmon weighing 9 pounds from the boat. Newtyle at Dunkeld had a good week landing 6 spring salmon up to 15 pounds. On the second week John Mitchell caught a lovely 16 pounds spring salmon fly fishing in the Cotter on Newtyle.
Gordon Stewart was amongst the successful anglers on Kercock with a cracking 16 pounds salmon. The third week saw 13 caught with Stephen Roberts landing a 16 pounds fish fly fishing on Newtyle. 7 were caught in the last week.

The Upper River produced 6 on the first week with spring salmon coming from Kinnaird, Farleyer and consistently from Portnacraig on the Tummel. Bankfoot angler Billy Davidson had 2 off the Dam fly fishing up to an impressive 20 pounds on a self tied tube named a Horsey Dog. In the second week spring salmon came from Farleyer, Edradynate and Dalguise. Malcolm Bennett caught a memorable 18 pounds springer fly fishing the Bridge pool at Dalguise with a Conehead Flame Thrower. The Portnacraig beat at Pitlochry Dam continued to produce fish. The third week produced 16 fish with spring salmon coming from Kinnaird, Farleyer and the Tummel.
An early spring salmon from Farleyer caught fly fishing by Alum Williams.
Local anglers Steven Watt and Alum Williams caught spring salmon fly fishing on Farleyer earlier in the week. The Portnacraig beat at Pitlochry was producing on a daily basis with spring salmon running right up the system. Successful anglers included Kenny Horn, George Renwick, Brian Joseph and Gordon Nichol landing fish up to 20 pounds and mostly fly fishing. The last week produced 23 and that was good for the time of year and proved salmon were running hard to the upper reaches. The Kinnaird and Farleyer beats were having a great time landing spring salmon on a regular basis. Both beats had 7 between them on Monday and worked away quietly for the rest of the week.
12 year old Robbie Fairfull with Jock Monteith after catching his first ever salmon on his first days fly fishing weighing 19 pounds.
Kinnaird had 14 for March, which was excellent considering their average for the month is only 1.2! Early in the week the Pang party were successful on Lower Kinnaird. The Portnacraig beat for Pitlochry Angling Club continued to produce spring salmon. Billy Davidson from Bankfoot had a day to remember landing 3 Spring salmon before lunch fly fishing from the town bank. Other catchers included Neil MacLellen, David Harris and local Davie Stewart landing salmon up to 19 pounds.

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