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Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Salmon Fishing Report for the Week ending 15th September 2012.

Salmon Fishing Scotland River Tay Salmon Fishing Report for the Week ending 15th September 2012.

The catches were good last week and hard earned despite fluctuating water levels mainly due to Hydro rises, we are now looking for an improvement in catches as autumn arrives and an expected late run. The good news is that the weather is to remain reasonably settled this week giving excellent prospects so we can maintain good sport as grilse and top quality salmon continue to run the river. The quality of salmon remained high with fish up to 27 pounds in weight, this was again encouraging and hopefully will continue with a good weather forecast for the coming week.

Conditions were variable for the week and everyone had to work hard for success. River levels fluctuated and high winds made life difficult however reasonable catches followed. The water levels continue just summer level encouraging salmon to run the river and a strengthening of the run is expected to improve catches further. The water temperature has started to fall, which is expected at this time of year but not dramatically. Currently it is around 56 degrees Fahrenheit or 13 Celsius. The river will be settled for the start of the week with rain forecast for Monday and occasional rain throughout the week but assuming the river remains settled this should give excellent prospects for sport. The quality was again exceptional with sea liced fish caught and more multi sea winter salmon landed. Salmon continue to be caught from top to bottom in the river with others caught and not registered meaning fish are running through rapidly and progressing upstream which encourages everyone.

There were 302 salmon reported with the largest salmon of 27 pounds being landed on the Lower Redgorton beat. Salmon were landed throughout the system from the Lower River to the Upper River.

Beat catches reported
(week ending 15th September)
SALMON & GRILSE: Almondmouth 40, Waulkmill 20, Lower Redgorton 22, Luncarty 9, Upper Redgorton 8, Fishponds 15, Benchil and Pitlochrie 4, Upper Scone 24, Catholes 1, Burnmouth 3, Stobhall 20, Taymount 24, Ballathie 15, Cargill 9, Islamouth 8, Lower and Upper Islamouth 11, Upper Islamouth and Meikleour House 2, Meikleour House 5, Kercock 22, Murthly 2 8, Newtyle 7, Dunkeld House 5, Dalmarnock 6, Dalguise 3, Lower Kinnaird 2, Upper Kinnaird 4, Edradynate 2, Farleyer Upper 2, Keithick Mains 1.
Total: 302 Largest: Lower Redgorton 27lbs
SEA TROUT: Benchil and Pitlochrie 1, Murthly 2 1, Keithick Mains 1.
Total: 3 Largest: Benchil and Pitlochrie 3lbs

On the Lower River 233 salmon were landed. All the lower beats are having reasonable success but they are having to work extremely hard and are now looking for a strengthening of the autumn run to improve catches. The top of the tide is helping Almondmouth gain good catches with 42 last week. Just above there Lower Redgorton and Waulkmill had reasonable weeks with Lower Redgorton registering the largest fish of the week weighing 27 pounds. On Monday the Luncarty rods had a good day with 5 fish landed and others lost. Bridge of Allan angler Alan McCaig, Dougie Wangert and Arnot McWhinnie all enjoyed success. Upper Scone had a good week with a party of experienced anglers triumphing over the adverse conditions and landing 24 fish for the week which included local angler James McKay landing 3 on Friday, 2 on the fly from the boat in the Long Shot on Benchil. Taymount and Stobhall enjoyed good sport throughout the week with Mike Millar landing several on Taymount on the fly. American angler and keen fly fisher William Olson visited for the week fishing on both beats and at Stanley. He enjoyed his week despite limited success and hopefully will be back in the near future. The heights are not ideal for Ballathie and Cargill but still fish were caught on every day. Amongst the successful anglers was
Jock Miller landing a salmon on the fly weighing 14 pounds. Islamouth continue to work away with fish landed on every day of the week.

The Middle River registered 55. This was a much better week for the middle river with most beats reporting success. Kercock had an excellent 22 fish for the week. Darren Kaye had a good week on the beat landing 6 fish with the largest weighing 15 pounds. David Bratesani caught a lovely 16 pounds salmon on a flamethrower. Danny Gough and George Hunter each caught two.
Norrie MacLeod also had a very good week landing 7, the largest being 16 pounds. Murthly 2 also had a reasonable week reporting 8. On Newtyle Peter Dobson caught a 14 pounds salmon on Friday with further success for Geoff Highnett and John Wood landing grilse. Dalmarnock also had fish throughout the week with ghillie Gordon Pollock landing a 24 pounds salmon on the fly from the Clachtaggart pool on Monday evening.

The Upper River produced 13. Sport is slowing up on the Upper river but catches were still attained during the week. The Kinnaird beats continued to report catches. On the Upper beat Michael Kirwan had a first ever from the Rock pool weighing 6 pounds and
Daniel and Campbell Davidson enjoyed the same experience landing salmon of 9 and 6 pounds. Not to be out done delighted lady angler,
Julia Wiggins caught her first salmon as well making it a very memorable week on the beat. Well done ghillie Martin Edgar, it must have been an experience for you as well!

The Isla registered 1 from Keithick Mains.

The Earn registered 0.

The Tay Conservation Dinner will be held at the Dunkeld Hilton Hotel on Saturday 20th October 2012.

Celebrate a Tay salmon with a Dalmore Tay Dram and contribute to the future of this mighty river. Dalmore distillery have created a unique expression of their single malt whisky and a generous donation from each bottle sold will be gifted to the Tay Foundation to support their work to protect and improve the river.

Many thanks for all the pictures everyone is sending of salmon and thanks to all who have sent me their individual fishing experiences on the river. I would be most grateful if you would continue to do the same by emailing to be included in this report.

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