Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon Fly Fishing on the Tay March 2012.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon Fly Fishing on the Tay March 2012.

David Ballingall with his first Tay spring salmon caught fly fishing on the Islamouth beat with help from ghillie Martin Ritchie.
David sent me this report on his special day on Islamouth.
"I had a day this week (wed 28th of. March) On the Islamouth beat.
I was fly fishing from the boat in the morning under the watchful eye of ghillie Martin Ritchie, and after covering a few pools I changed my fly to my new fire tiger cascade. After 2 casts I hooked a strong fish and after about 5 minutes I saw a large flank under the surface of a fish in the high teens to twenty pound range, but unfortunately we parted company shortly after.
After lunch I was fishing from the bank, and due to the high sun, I changed my floating line for a hover shooting head and fast sink tip, along with a 3/4 inch copper monkey variant. I fished for an hour or so before connecting with the fish, which I caught in I believe the Castle pool.
It weighed 11 pounds and was a stunning fish. No lice on it, but still bearing the marks from them.
I Would like to thank both ghillies Martin, and Glen for a great day, and for all the advice given."
Thank you David.

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