Monday, February 2, 2009

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring February 2009.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Spring February 2009.
This was the scene outside the hut on the Catholes this morning (02/02/2009) at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland. A wild snow storm.

Alastair Dunbar fly fishing in the Back Dam pool from the boat. He caught a sea trout which was returned.

All the action was up at the weir in the Woodside. Geordie Stewart, our senior Ghillie with 51 years on the river caught a fresh run spring Atlantic salmon of 13 pounds on a devon. He released the salmon back to the river and was unable to take a picture with his phone with all the excitement. The salmon had sea lice on it for good measure. This was a picture of Geordie last year with a springer from Pitlochrie pool which was released as well.

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Anonymous said...

good one, i see myself flying back to cast a line this year.all the best alan

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear Geordie still gets excited by something?

James Mckay said...

Well done Geordie.

stevie said...

thats ma hat.

Anonymous said...

Good one Geordie!!

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