Friday, October 17, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland Red Deer Stalking at Invercauld, Braemar by Balmoral, Aberdeenshire Scotland.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Red Deer Stalking at Invercauld, Braemar by Balmoral, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

This was my first day off from the fishing as the season ended on the river Tay on Wednesday 15th October 2008. I went stalking to Invercauld estate at Braemar near Balmoral in Aberdeenshire, Scotland courtesy of Brian and Kath Giles. What a day it was.

It was not long before we saw our first Stag. This stag was on it's own. You can see it's antlers just over the grass in the middle of the picture. The Stalker was not interested in this one.

The scenery was breath taking all day. There was a stiff breeze but the sun was out and it was ideal.

This was the stalker Michael leading us round the hill.

I have only been stalking once before which was on Rannoch in Perthshire, Scotland. I did not fire a shot but enjoyed it.

By this time we were stalking a good stag. We had to walk away from it and go round the hill to come at it in a different angle and also take account of the wind direction.

The excitement and tension for me was building. Could i make the shot? Eventually i was crawling into make a shot. The stag we were stalking was not being cooperative and it was getting fairly nerve racking when another stag appeared above us. We had to lie still as it would see us with any movement. The stag had to come down of the sky line to make the shot safe. It did and the stalker told me to make the shot.

Success. A good clean shot to my relief and i had bagged the stag.

Traditionally you put the stags blood on the face to say you have been blooded and celebrate your first Stag.

The stalking at Invercauld is still very traditional hence the use of ponies to transport the stags back down the hill.

This was a truly memorable day for me. It was an experience that i will remember for the rest of my days. Thank you very much Brain and Kath. I hope the end of season party went fine and you did not go on to many trips round the Scottish highlands and Islands!


Anonymous said...

good one bob.

Anonymous said...

Great Photos, what a day! Lucky you. CG

James Mckay said...

Great pictures in such fine weather.

wemyssflee said...

You're a lucky man Bob.
Excellent idea to share the day with the rest of us.

Run Your Car On Tap Water said...

Fantastic photos. Looks like to had a terrific time.Nice of you to share your experience. Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Nae "Catch and Release" there then?

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