Friday, May 30, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon and Dolphins.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Salmon and Dolphins.
This was an article in the Daily Telegraph last year but is another concern for the Salmon fishing Tourist business.
Dolphins outsmart salmon in Scotland
By Paul Eccleston
Fishermen stump up small fortunes for the chance to fish Scottish waters for the king of fish - the wild Atlantic salmon. But for local residents the fishing is free.
A pod of bottlenose dolphins were pictured ambushing the salmon last week as they neared the end of their long journey from their feeding grounds off Greenland to spawn.

A dolphin catches one of the unlucky salmon
The 15-strong pod waited patiently in the waters of the Moray Firth off Chanonry Point near Inverness for the salmon to appear before launching their attack.
The salmon (Salmo salar) returning to the North Sea from the Atlantic hug the shore for safety and then as the tide turns use its force to carry them towards the rivers.
The dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), well known for their intelligence, patrol the migration routes knowing the salmon is genetically programmed to return to the river where it was born to spawn.
Photographer Richard Austin said: " They weren't doing much at first just slowly breaking the surface to take in some air before diving again.
The salmon were occasionally leaping out of the water and then suddenly there was an almighty surge of speed from one of the dolphins as he caught a salmon just 20 feet from the shoreline."
Richard's dramatic pictures show the speed and strength of the dolphins, which can grow to 14-feet long, as they homed in on their prey.
The salmon, shimmering aquamarine-blue as they streaked through the water, were nevertheless no match for the dolphins.
The torpedo-shaped dolphins powered through the waters during the hunt with jaws gaping. The panicking salmon threw themselves out of the water in a desperate attempt to avoid the voracious predators.
Powerful salmon of 10-15lbs that would have cost £30 per steak in a top London restaurant were swallowed live and whole in a single gulp.
And when finally sated the dolphins, sporting their trademark smiles, or was it a self-satisfied smirk, cavorted for the camera.
"It was almost as if they'd had a bellyfull of the best wild Scots salmon and it was time to give their waiting public a bit of a show," said Richard.
"And what a show it was. Over two days in completely different weather conditions and in changing light between beautiful sunshine and dull overcast showery rain I managed to capture them hunting and playing. It was absolutely magical"
Scottish fishermen blame seals for taking too many salmon but our pictures point the finger at another suspect.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have a recipe for dolphins?

Anonymous said...

Looks very like a Photoshop pic.?

Anonymous said...

it is a photoshop pic. I have seen it on numerous web site for about two years. Its a fake.

Anonymous said...

Not the first howler Bob's been caught out by!

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