Friday, April 4, 2008

Salmon Fishing Scotland April 2008 Spring Fishing on the Tay.

Salmon Fishing Scotland April 2008 Spring Fishing on the Tay.
Interesting Day on the Pitlochrie beat at Stanley.

To-day was a hard day at the river not helped by the Hydro messing about with the water heights. This was reflected in the river catches to-day with only 6 reported as opposed to 25 yesterday. We managed to catch one spring salmon from the horsey pool on the Pitlochrie beat at Stanley, Perthshire, Scotland. It weighed 9lbs and was caught by Chris Hartley. The fresh salmon was quickly returned to the river unharmed.
This picture was Sarney Wedge diving into the boat first thing this morning!

This is the Osprey which flew over the boat this afternoon and was spotted for the first time this year.

The Sandmartins also appeared at the same time as the Osprey. Is this the start of Summer-I do not think so the the current weather forecast for the next few days-snow from the north. This should cool the water temperature down as it reached 44 degrees to-day which does not help the lower beats of the Tay. If the water temperature rises quickly the salmon will run faster and there will be less of a chance of catching on the lower river.

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James Mckay said...

Angler tries to copy flapping action of osprey and sand martins seen earlier in the day

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