Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland Humour.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Humour.
Geordie happens across a man fishing Catholes on a Sunday. Geordie asks man what he is doing, guy replies "I'm just fishing", for what asks Geordie, "ony thing that comes along", what you fishing with asks Geordie, "a tattie" comes the reply.
Reel in and let me see, on inspection sure enough there hangs a Golden Wonder. Geordie thinks "nutcase" and says he can carry on as obviously prospects of catch are impossible.
That night in the Strathord Geordie pops in for a libation, at the bar sits the "nutcase" with a sack at his feet. Geordie enquiries what is in said sack, on opening there are six sea-liced grilse. Geordie says "you didnae catch them with the tattie did you"
"NO" replies the nutcase, "YOU ARE THE ONLY B****ER I CAUGHT WI' THE TATTIE".

All rights J MacBeth, Perth


Anonymous said...

Is Geordie not barred from the Strathord?

Anonymous said...

Hot orange garters, fancy braces, top hair-do and his pal's bunnet, The latest trend-setters are to be seen Tay side.

Trinny and Suzannah

Anonymous said...

That is only one joke of a great catalogue Jimmy MacBeth used to relate with greater expertise than Billy Connolly etc.
He was also no mean angler.
Perhaps some of your (older) growing band of readers could relate a tale or two.
A much missed character whom I was very lucky to have enjoyed many happy hours listening to and fishing with, over too few years.

Duggie (for that is what he called me).

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Bilbo Baggins has found work after Lord of the Rings!
You've aged well you old bugger!
Have you a caravan at the Mill I could use for a while?

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