Thursday, September 20, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland Guillemots on the Tay at Stanley.

Fishing Scotland Guillemots on the Tay at Stanley Perthshire Scotland.
To-day (20/09/2007) I saw two Guillemots flying down the river back to the sea. They had probably been swept inland from the west by high winds. They are sea birds and can not feed inland and thus follow the river down stream until they get back to the sea. In previous years many have died failing to find food and becoming too weak to fly back to the sea. For more information on Guillemots click here.


Anonymous said...

Nicest bird I've ever seen on Benchil Pitlochrie

Anonymous said...

Not putting enough water in it Bobby?
Ghillie-mots --- what next --- Geordie and the open wallet.
I can hardly wait for the next instalement.


Anonymous said...

Skua Auk to know better.

Unleaded Petrel.

Anonymous said...

Latin name: Uria Aalgae.
Family: Alcidae -- (Auks).
I think your illustration is a juvenile.
Very interesting to find these sea cliff birds inland.
A photograph of the actual birds would have been handy for positive identification.
Much better watching birds than killing fish, keep up the good work.

Local RSPB fan.

Anonymous said...

geordie could have dropped them with a left and right at 50 yds

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