Sunday, June 24, 2007

Salmon Fishing Scotland

This is me attempting to cast on a windy day this spring on the Catholes.
What is all this weather like? None stop rain. The river was up to just above 7 1/2 feet to-day. I hope it does not wash away the work we have done at Benchil. Is this what we can expect for the summer now or will we get an Indian summer with low water in
August and September?
It is the Game Fair at Scone next weekend which can be worth a visit.
Keep watching the River Garry situation as the Tay board fronted by David Summers have really heated things up with the Hydro Electric Board. They do'nt like it upem!


Anonymous said...

Yer a bonnie caster Bobby!
Keep up the good work, tight lines, singing reels an' a' that jazz.


Anonymous said...

you look all-White

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