Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Salmon fishing in Scotland Another Springer

Geordie catches another springer to-day from the Slap pool on the Catholes (14/03/07).
He has now accounted for our 3 springers this year so far and I still have to get off the mark! You can't hide experience! I thought another picture of the wee man would get your comments like the last picture with Mary from Dublin.


Anonymous said...

hope you luck rubs of when i visit good one

Anonymous said...

does geordie wear the braces cos he canny get a belt tae go roond him.

Peter Mannox said...

What a cracker, who would not be very happy with that? When are you cooking supper, I,ll bring a dram and some watercress.

Anonymous said...

photographic evidence is undisputable in this court i (being a barrister of the utmost esteem )decree that mr stewart i.e.geordie is the best ghillie on the river.

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